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I’m Bill Dwyer, a former CEO and CFO living in the Portland Area. I’ve developed and built several professional services companies, including one from under $5 million to over $90 million.

My diverse background includes

    • Management of rapid growth
    • Marketing through extreme differentiation
    • Sales management and motivation
    • Successful selling to federal agencies

If you run a consulting firm, my experience in operations can bring a different additional perspective to several of your focus areas. If you have a staffing or IT organization, you may already know how valuable it can be to offer effective help in managerial areas to your best clients. In either case, I will to work with you to close the deal and guarantee your client’s satisfaction with the results I deliver.


Business focus and positioning

Even businesses that get off to a great start often fall into drift after a few years. Things that once seemed merely opportunistic or even unimportant now absorb significant resources, often without compensating returns. Just as we as individuals can benefit from increased focus, so can our businesses. Doing fewer things really well is a key differentiator for the most successful companies. Once focused positioning helps your clients communicate terms of key benefits to their target clients. Without focus, positioning isn’t effective. Without positioning, sales won’t correlate to focus.


Business, department, culture, or project review, and then reset

Few things can’t benefit from a fresh perspective. If something in a business isn’t working as it should, a formal review or audit followed by a reset plan can offer a valuable new start.


Financial, business, or technical due diligence

Acquiring a business or a product is both costly and risky. Auditor-based due diligence misses many pitfalls and virtually all opportunities through its lack of organization and operations perspectives. A short engagement can prevent a harmful deal or improve a good one.

Executive or sales coaching

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you can speak confidentially with about your business? Think how much some of your clients would benefit from that, too. Sometimes a coach is just what’s needed. He or she helps you free up and focus your thinking so you can then move forward with your own ideas. Unfortunately, many coaches don’t have the experience or inclination to add much to the conversation, and merely echo what you are saying.

Consultants can sometimes represent the other extreme. It’s still a one-sided conversation but they’re doing all the talking. I try hard to be the goldilocks mean between those two extremes, asking lots of the right questions to draw out the knowledge and ideas the client has and making useful, relevant suggestions drawn from my experience as a CEO, CMO and CFO as appropriate.


Sales compensation, skills review, and training

The most effective sales teams are full of individuals who are compensation-motivated and coachable. A skills review can tell if that’s what your client has. Clever compensation design can make sure sales results align with your focus, positioning, and goals. Interestingly most sales compensation plans are so complex that they are incomprehensible to sales personnel.  Sales is full of teachable strategies and techniques. Effective salespeople will improve with well designed training and coaching, which in turn helps identify the ones they need to replace.



Take a look at  About to see where my experience comes from. Books I Recommend has great ways to help yourself until you’re ready for me.

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