For Business Owners and CEO’s

Make your business worth more, it’s easier with help


Defining Strategies partners with the owners of small to medium businesses to increase the value of those businesses.


Why you would work with us:


As an outsider I have no biases about your business and can take a fresh look. How much of what you believe about your business, employees, competitors and customers is true and unalterable? It’s hard to move out of well-worn channels of thinking on your own.


Think about what you really wanted to do in the past few years that didn’t happen. I can help you clear that list because I have no distractions. When you’re the owner it’s very difficult to get focus while you’re knee deep in operational details all day, every day.


We’re different, you and I. I bring over 20 years of CEO and CFO experience. I can bring strengths in new areas and experiences that are very different than yours.


We’ll work on one or two things at a time getting each done before we move on. Because I’m not an employee we’ll define goals more carefully and I’ll organize the work to be sure it’s completed.


There is, after all, only one of you! I can be another one of you for a while multiplying your reach and abilities.


By combining your detailed understanding of the business and its challenges with my unique perspective as a CEO and CFO we identify the most important steps that need to be taken to insure the growth, health and survival of your business. We then work together to see that those plans are well executed.

Take a look at Offers I Make for some of my specific approaches to helping business owners or About to see where my experience comes from. Books I Recommend has great ways to help yourself until you’re ready for me.