Exit Planning & Support

Would you like to sell your business in the next couple of years? What do you hope to get for it? Who will you try to sell it to? As hard as it is to start and run a business, it’s still harder to try to sell it while keeping it going. It’s vital that customers and employees (much less competitors) not find you’re selling out until you’re ready to close but that can leave you without many of your usual sounding boards. You need someone who can answer the questions you have, build a detailed exit plan and help you find the trustworthy specialists like attorneys and accountants you’ll need.

I can help. I’ve been on both the inside and outside of several company sales and have a network of skilled friends who’ve done many more. Besides helping you plan, I can substitute for you in many of the necessary activities leaving you to run the business. Together we can see that we get the best deal possible with as little disruption as possible.