Advisor, Mentor & Coach

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you can speak confidentially with about your business? Sometimes a coach is just the right thing. He or she helps you free up and focus your thinking and then to move forward with your own ideas. Coaching’s great but most coaches don’t have the experience or inclination to add their own ideas to the mix. They listen well but it’s a one sided conversation.

Consultants often represent the other extreme. It’s still a one sided conversation but they’re doing all the talking. Worse they are in and out so fast they frequently don’t fully understand the problem and certainly aren’t around when the answer fails. Defining Strategies can be the goldilocks mean between those two extremes. A coach or sounding board when that’s helpful, somebody with extensive and varied experience when a new idea is needed. Most importantly, always someone who’s around long enough to understand you and your environment and help you course-correct when the first answer goes awry.

I work hard to be an alternative in between those two choices asking lots of the right questions to draw out the knowledge and ideas you have and I make useful, relevant suggestions drawn from my experience as a CEO and CFO. The first session is always free to help us discover whether we’re right for one another.