Business Reviews & Checkups

What should you be doing with your business? What’s the best way to apply your always limited time and money? What threats are on the horizon that you need to act on? Questions like these keep business owners awake at night. If your business is like many, your attention during the day is consumed with running the operation, dealing with employees and trying to find and satisfy clients. It’s rare you get the time to think about the bigger picture, planning or the future. Next thing you know, another year has past.


A business review can help you by bringing fresh eyes to your challenges and opportunities. Over a six to eight week period I’ll take a careful look at your business. I’ll develop what I learn through my experience as a CEO and CFO into actionable recommendations that will increase the value, health and survivability of your business. I offer several flavors of reviews:


Many consulting engagements result in the production of exhaustive reports filled with things you already knew about you business. Such reports are rarely read and even more rarely produce any meaningful action. A Just 3 Things engagement is every bit as thorough in the execution but results in just three recommendations selected because they are the most important to focus on right now.

Customers & Marketing Review

Who do you see as your perfect client? How is  your business designed to profile, find,  communicate with and ultimately satisfy those  clients? Most importantly,  how do your  prospects see your business … or is the  problem that enough of them don’t? Marketing  encompasses all the customer facing activities  of a business but owners of small and medium  businesses often view it as something only big companies can afford to do. Our Marketing Review starts with an expert look  at where you are right now. We talk to you,  your sales and key employees and a few of  your best customers. We also review anything marketing related you’ve already done – printed  materials, web site etc. All that goes into a report that gives you a  base line to work with.  Most importantly, we’ll let you know what you  could add to improve your growth while staying within a budget you can afford. Marketing  needn’t be expensive and there are lots of way  to improve your exposure, image and  opportunites without spending a fortune.

Ready for Exit

If you find yourself wondering if it’s time to sell or pass on your business, wouldn’t you like to know what it’s worth and whether its in the right condition to produce the best result? A Ready for Exit review with tell you whether your business is saleable in it’s current form, what it’s likely to be worth and who potential buyers might be. Even more importantly, we will compare your business to the factors buyers value and suggest the things you need to do to be ready to sell at an optimum price. Even if your plan is to pass the business to a family member or partner, you need to know what you’re passing on.


Opportunities in Your Numbers

How much do you get from your businesses  financial reports? Does each set of report  provide deeper understanding of your opportunities and challenges or do you just check the bottom line and move on. Well-designed, timely financial reports can give you both a clearer picture of your business and  and a better way of managing it but how do you know what reports you should  have and how to get the most out of them?  That’s where I come in. First we look with  you at what your currently getting. What  reports are produced, how are they organized,  and how timely are they? That lets us make  suggestions for improvements that will make  your reports more clear and useful. Next we do a detailed review of your numbers looking  for the opportunites hidden in them. Finally, we  work with you to help you see what’s important  and how to use that knowledge to improve your business. Often clients chose to have us help them build a  financial and strategic plan which adds still  more value to routine monthly financial reports.